• En Provence in a Barge
  • A Racing Dynasty
  • Honoring CRAB’s Don Backe
  • New Boat: The Zim 15

Sailor Summer Reads

SpinSheet’s Summer Reading List Yes, the summer is nearing its end. But some of the best cruising weekends are always in August, when the Bay has a bit more breeze and a little less rain. And since … [Read More...]


En Provence in a Barge

“If you have a problem with [fill in the blank], call us.” That’s about all you can do if you have a problem on a LeBoat barge charter on the Canal du Midi in France, because the only tool you’ve been … [Read More...]

What they thought was a sailing vacation turned into so much more.

Missing the Boat

When Karen and Carter Morris took their 13-year-old twins, Katy and Annie, on a sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) in April, they turned down the WiFi option on the Lagoon 400 … [Read More...]

Sunny and wife Flossie with sons Morton (Tony), Mitchell, Peter, and Henry.

A Racing Dynasty

“Sailing has been an integral part of the Gibbons-Neff family for generations,” says Polly Gibbons-Neff Ortlieb. “We’ve been raised on the water, racing and cruising at different times in our lives. … [Read More...]


New Boat: The Zim 15

A hot little sport boat recently caught our eye: the Zim 15. Coming from the former owner of Vanguard Sailboats, Steve Clark, the Zim 15 is meant for the post-collegiate sailor who wants excitement in … [Read More...]

Chesapeake Flotilla

War on the Chesapeake!

Two hundred years ago the United States was at war, and the Chesapeake was at the heart of the action. Since February of 1813, the British had blockaded the 200-mile-long Chesapeake Bay, disrupting … [Read More...]